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Frequently asked questions about Made for Life Cancer Touch Therapy (TM)

Is this treatment a normal body massage?

Not in the traditional sense, the treatment is extremely gentle and incorporates specific routines for people that have had lymph nodes removed. 


I am currently having chemotherapy - are these treatments safe for me?

Yes, this treatment has been designed with the utmost safety in mind for people going through chemotherapy.  I may ask if you are experiencing any side effects of chemo at the time of treatment and adapt your treatment or positioning appropriately.


I have extremely sensitive skin due to chemo or radiotherapy - can I still book an appointment?


Yes, I will asses your skin and ensure I avoid any areas of chemo or radio rash, all the products are 100% organic and safe to use on the most sensitive skin.


I have a port/picc line, hickman line colostomy bag - is it still ok to have treatment?

Yes, the treatment will be adapted to make sure you are comfortable.


I have radiotherapy burns - can I have treatment?

Yes, I will avoid the damaged area. When healing is taking place Made for Life 100% organic products are safe, gentle and moisturising for damaged skin.


I have Lymphoedema - can I have treatment

Yes, the treatment is adapted to take lymphoedema into account.


Can I have regular treatments even though I am at risk of lymphoedema?

Yes, I would advise Made for Life treatments over conventional treatments as made for life treatments have been specifically designed so it does not aggravate lymphoedema.


Can I have treatment on the same day has radiotherapy?

It is suggested that you wait 48 hours after radiotherapy and the radiotherapy area is avoided during active treatment.


I have scarring on my head and a sensitive scalp - is it still ok o have treatment?

Yes, recent scaring will be avoided and gentle products used when appropriate.


I wear a wig - will I need to remove it?

I see many clients with wigs, some prefer to remove it especially for the head treatments but some prefer to keep it on, it is entirely your choice and treatment will be adapted accordingly. 


How long will I be on the couch - I find it difficult to turn/lay on my back or front?

The Made for Life treatments are designed to be delivered in whatever position suits you.  

Before your treatment, I will chat with you about your treatment and how we can make it as comfortable as possible. 


Do I have to be on a cancer journey to enjoy Made for Life Treatments?

No, anyone can enjoy these beautiful treatments, as they are slow and rhythmical they are excellent at helping to reduce stress or other inflammatory responses such as Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia and similar conditions where stress can cause a flare up.


My understanding of Tui Na Chinese massage is that its a deep tissue and translates to pinch and pull.

The  Tui Na techniques used in Cancer Touch Therapy are very gentle, slow and rhythmic.

Deep tissue is not used for this treatment.


What does Tui Na do?

It harmonises the yin and yang, to bring a natural healing balance.


What are Tusbo  Points?

Theses are pressure or acupressure points situated around the face and the head, each point having it own unique purpose, from calming digestion, nasal congestion, teeth, eyes, skeletal, nerves, muscles, anxiety and rebalances energy flow.


I had oil in my hair as part of my treatment, do I need to wash it differently when I get home.

Yes, before you get your hair wet, rub shampoo into the hair, this will release the oil, rinse and continue with your normal hair care routine.

If you wish to continue with organic products the link below will take you to the made fro life hair care range.


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