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Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Lavender and Lemon essential oils - uses and benefits

Lets take a look at each oil individually and later why I love them when they work together in a treatment.

When I was studying aromatherapy my tutor asked if we were stranded on a island what oil would you take. At this point we had learned about some beautiful oils with amazing properties, but I found myself saying Lavender. Why? Lavender is first aid in a bottle, this list of accomplishments that this little bottle can provide is as long as your toilet roll. Now I wont give you all the technical names but here are a some of the amazing things Lavender can do.

pain relief mood balancing reduces inflammation reduces gas from the intestines

anti bacterial and anti viral helps form scar tissue aids digestion urine flow insect bites

fungal infections promotes and regulates menstrual flow lowers blood pressure

reviving health promotes restful sleep lowers anxiety and depression tonic for the spleen respiratory issues rheumatism mental health

Oil Properties

Lavender oil or Lavendula Officinalis or Lavendula Anguestifolia are the two main plants or flower heads that are used for the distillation.

Middle note oil and associated with the planet Mercury.

This oil is suitable for all chakras - especially the throat, heart, solar plexus and sacral.

Lavender along with tea tree are the only oils that can be used direct on the skin. All other essential oils must be diluted in a carrier oil.


As you can see lavender is a 'one bottle do all'. I normally have a bottle to hand in the kitchen and in the bathroom. I use it for burns, as I am one those cooks that try to 'pinch' things along the oven shelf or pulls the a tray out with a tea towel rather then oven gloves and normally ends up with a burn on my fore arm, a few drops of lavender takes the sting out of the burn and aids recovery. in fact these wonderful healing properties was discovered by a French chemist call Gattefosse, who burnt himself and the only thing to hand was a vat of lavender oil.

for many the scent brings about a sense of clam with a delicate fragrance which is pleasant and not over powering.


Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil for me just gives that fresh, clean, vibrant up lift.

Lemon qualities are very similar to lavender and excellent for soothing the skin. Lemon helps to reduce our hot and bothered feeling which is great for menopause. Lemon is great for study work as it brings a sharpness and clarity of thought, relieving headaches and nausea. Lemon is best known for its anti bacterial and anti viral properties and an excellent oil for respiratory conditions.

Oil Properties

Lemon is a top note oil. Citrus Limonum. The oil is obtained from the fruit and the peel and extracted through expression or distillation.

Associated with the sun. The main chakra will be the solar plexus but also useful for the heart and throat and sacral.


Back to our Blend for Spring.

The combination of the middle and top notes of the oils bring about the sharp citrus 'ping' of lemon and balanced beautifully with the depth of subtle fragrance of lavender. This allows the senses to enveloped and brings about a balanced spring in the step. we have a tendency this time of year to lean towards a need to get on or get things done as soon as we see better weather. Lavender and lemon helps us balance our need to over do things and take things at a balanced pace.

Used in massage or reflexology it allows you to drop into a deep relaxed and restorative mood without feeling washed out afterwards. The benefits of the oils will promote relaxed muscles and warmth from within. The anti bacterial and anti viral properties are excellent for balancing the immune and respiratory system.

I have to say I love using this blend. I have tried adding a third oil, which is normal for an aromatherapy blend, but I felt it interfered with the delicate balance that lavender and lemon achieved. After playing around with it I felt that less is more and in this case it certainly is.

If you would like more information or have any questions about essential oils or any of the treatments I provide please feel free to contact me.

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