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What is Reflexology

We are hearing more about the benefits of reflexology, what does it exactly do and what is involved with a treatment.

The basis of reflexology is that your feet map your body, for example your big toes represent your head and neck, the bones that run along the side of the feet represent your spine and your little toe your shoulder. Using reflexology techniques, you can stimulate and rebalance your skeletal system, organs and lymphatic system.

People come to my practice with different issues including headaches, breathing problems, congested lymphatic system (makes you feel slow and sluggish) all of which can be symptoms of fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, ME, high stress levels or similar conditions.

Reflexology is deeply relaxing and can help lower your stress issues. When we are stressed your organs go into ‘tick over’ or standby and do not operate at their best. A good example is the stomach and IBS, when the stomach is in tick over its not digesting your food and processing at its best, when we are relaxed (parasympathetic nervous system) our organs including our breathing and stomach are allowed to settle and work at their optimum, I know my stress goes straight to my stomach and I end up constipated, when the stress has passed things return to normal.

Some people are concerned about having reflexology because their feet may be less than perfect. They might smell or you have trouble with your nails or something else you may feel embarrassed about, rest assured none of these things matter to a reflexologist, in fact they are an important part of your treatment and can help me identify which areas of your body may need some extra rebalancing.

I use a variety of techniques for my treatments including Advanced Spinal Reflexology, standard reflexology and lymph drainage techniques. Spinal advanced and standard reflexology can be used as a stand-alone treatment or it can be combined to suit which areas are showing up as part of your consultation.

For your treatment, I use either aromatherapy or sweet almond oil or reflexology powder, refreshing foot spray and hot flannels.

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