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Why use alternative therapies?

With todays busy lifestyles and the pressure we all experience from work, family and social demands, we find ourselves  becoming stressed, over worked and over tired and not feeling ourselves.  We start to feel disconnected and out of sorts or even out of control. We can find ourselves not being able to make rational decisions and we start to get snappy with people, we complain there is not enough hours in the day to get everything done.  We start to find fault with our partner, the way the school is operating, how the boss is speaking to us. These are signs of stress.  While having a regulated amount of stress in our lives is important, too much stress can be very damaging to our health, emotionally, physically and psychologically.

What happens if I'm stressed all of the time.  

Stress can have a negative impact on out health and well being.  Initially it may feel tired, fatigued or exhausted, your body needs to operate between sympathetic and parasympathetic, in a balanced cycle.  This means that we swing from stress to rest and repair and when this is balanced, we are balanced.  Being in sympathetic or Flight and Fly can have an enormous impact on the function of your organs and hormone system.  

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