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Chakra Energy & Kundalini

The chakra system or rotating wheel.

There are seven major chakras that run along with the central nervous system which consists of the spine and the head.  It is believed that there are some 72,000 nadis which are energy channels that are found in the aura which carry our life force,  prana or chi into our chakra system.  When the energy channels cross they create a vortex or chakra.  There are many chakras within our body but for treatment, we normally concentrate on the seven major chakras. 

There are three major nadis or energy channels within our chakra system known as Ida, our left side representing our feminine, negative, cold and moon energy.  On our right is Pingala, our male, positive, warm, sun energy.  The middle nadis is Sushumna.  The base chakra is the meeting place of the three nadis known as Shakti, it is where our unmanifested kundalini energy rests.  When our chakra system is balanced it will allow our kundalini to rise through Shushumna and connect us through the crown chakra to our divine energy allowing us to fulfil our dharma or divine life purpose.   Kundalini and our nadis nourishes and gives our chakra system vitality.  Ida meets at the left nostril and Pingala at our right.


When our chakras are blocked or unbalanced we are not at ease with our physical, mental and emotional self, it can leave us feeling disconnected from the world around us.  Our chakras can absorb unwanted energy from around us or we may have a past life karmic or ancestral blockage all of which can interfere with the smooth running of our nadis and chakra system.  Yoga, meditation and chakra based treatments rebalance the system allowing us to experience our own unique sense of purpose and well being.





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