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Crystal Therapy

the lotus flower reiki

Crystal Therapy is used to balance the chakra system.  Each crystal has its own unique vibration which resonates with each of your chakras, allowing the release of blockages.  

For your treatment, crystals are carefully chosen to correspond with each of your chakras and placed on or near your body allowing the vibration of the crystal to cleanse, rebalance and rejuvenate the aura and chakra system.

My general approach to a treatment session starts with a chakra assessment, followed by clearing and cleansing the chakras and auric field.  This gives you the opportunity to let go of thoughts and behaviours that no longer serve you, giving them to the divine source for transmutation.  The second part of the treatment focuses on bringing the divine healing energy from Mother Earth and Father Sky.  This can be using a crystal wand or using a different set of crystals.  The intention  being that you feel rebalanced and replenished, better focused and able to connect with the spiritual self  and feeling at ease with yourself.




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