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Spinal Advanced Reflexology

reflexology treatment.  Spinal reflexology

Spinal Advanced Reflexology is a specialist technique working specifically with the skeletal system helping relieve the symptoms and pain associated with poor posture, aching hips, knees and lower back, shoulders and neck.  The advanced spinal reflexology uses  a variety of reflexology techniques to asses and release tension along the spine reflex allowing the spinal nerves to preform at a level that helps reduce aches and pains.  

The Spinal Advanced reflexology is great for people that sit at a desk or do a lot of driving.  Spinal Advanced reflexology is deeply relaxing, reduces stress, which in turn allows your body to drop into its own stillness promoting a better sense of wellbeing.

Spinal Advanced reflexology treatment will last around forty minutes.  


Spinal Advanced reflexology is delivered in the same relaxed way as a normal reflexology treatment.  follow the link for the main reflexology page to read about how your  reflexology and Spinal Advanced Reflexology treatment will be carried out.

Preforming some basic yoga stretches can enhance your reflexology or Spinal Advanced reflexology treatment and prolong its effects.

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