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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage was brought to this country in the 1970s by Narendra Mehta.  He took the traditional Indian Head Massage and coupled with western massage techniques.  Giving us what we now understand to be an Indian Head Massage.  


A full Indian Head Treatment uses the Ayurvedic System of oils, chakra balancing, aromatherapy oils and a range of specific massage techniques including champissage (advanced Indian head techniques).


An Indian Head Massage is performed sitting in a comfortable chair, a stress buster treatment is performed without the removal of clothing. 

Treatments can vary from a full Indian Head experience, coating and massaging the oil into the hair and scalp, facial massage and neck and shoulder to a dry scalp massage and using oils for the neck and shoulders.  Indian Head Massage is so versatile and tailored to suit your individual needs.


There are many benefits to Indian Head Massage including the reduction of


Psoriasis and dandruff.

Tension Headaches and neck stiffness.


Stress and anxiety.

Brain fog.


Promoting better circulation to the scalp, bringing essential nutrients the hair and scalp helping to prevent hair loss.


Treatments are from 20 to 45 Minutes.  Indian Head Massage uses a firm but gentle rhythm to help clear blockages and relieve the build-up of stress and tension, allowing us to see things clearly, supporting our physical and emotional health.  Creating a connection with the spiritual self, nurturing our sense of calm and inner healing. 





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Namaste.  The divine soul in me honours the divine soul in you.

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