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Testimonials & Comments

Tuning Fork Sessions with Simon


Stress levels high and unable to relax.  "I was sceptical at first, another faddy thing.  I had the chakra balance treatment and I could really feel a shift, I felt lighter like something had been taken away.  Sarah was confident with her approach and explained how the forks worked and how the session would run.  I would recommend Sarah and the therapy without hesitation.  A very beneficial experience." 




Anxiety high.  "Sarah explained how sound therapy worked and demonstrated the forks gently taking me through the session.  I went under quite deep as I remember nothing about the treatment, but when I came around it was like the old me had returned."



Aromatherapy for cancer

Mary was in the latter stages of palliative care. 


"I felt so lucky to have found Sarah I really enjoyed my treatment, I'm looking forward to the next time."

Andrea S

"Thoroughly enjoyed my first ever reflexology treatment this afternoon.  I went into the Merlin Centre feeling cold, tired and tensed and came out glowingly warm, refreshed and relaxed.  Sarah is lovely, so easy to talk to and a tonic to be with!  Hoping to repeat the experience before too long."  Andrea S.

Belinda W


Sarah helped me when I was hit hard by long covid and burnout 2 years ago. I couldn’t bear to be touched and could barely move, I couldn’t climb stairs, undo a jar (even loose ones) or lift or carry anything . The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, it was before we knew long covid was a thing! I was at my lowest, told to give up my passion horse riding and take pain killers, I thought my life was over. I met sarah and she immediately made me feel like there was hope, if not to cure then at least to ease and help me manage the physical pain and my mental state better. She has such amazing empathy and understanding, puts things in a way that is easy to understand. Her initial treatment was so light touch and gentle it was perfect, I’d go in crying and shuffling and come out smiling and walking. Over a few months of weekly visits my state of mind so much better and I could move!! She helped me start my road to recovery. And now I’m back in the saddle, competing on my pony, I’m back to being me!!!! It was a long road and some days I feel a twinge or stiffness but I’m equipped to deal with it so I keep myself well, but most days I feel as good as I ever did before my illness. I whole heartedly recommend Sarah, I wouldn’t be here without her support and I know she is always there if I need her. Thank you Sarah, you were beyond doubt the key to get me onto the road to recovery and I am eternally grateful for your help and support. This is us winning a local show jumping class last week! xx



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