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My Story

I found myself standing in a classroom at the age of 34 having just signed up for a two year HNC in complementary therapy with Plymouth University.  I walked to the car wondering what I had done. I was under the impression that I was going to do a six-week course in a basic message so I could help my son who has a very twisted spine.   Somehow I knew this was going to be a new adventure.


At my first class, we were told we had to use a computer to write our assignments, the look of horror on our faces was priceless.  My friend  Tammy had moved to Australia and left me her old computer.  I blew off the dust, signed up for a dial-up connection and turned the crank handle.  This little beauty saw me through three years of study, a lot of tears and laughter along with the car that kept blowing head gaskets, we made to the end and the proud moment I received my cap and gown.  For my third year I studied a VTCT in crystal therapy and a few years later I studied Craniosacral Therapy (1 and 2)

reiki and sound therapy.


I left my job in optics a few years ago and now I work at the Merlin MS Centre where I deliver treatments for people with Multiple Sclerosis and similar conditions which is an amazing job.


Then in 2015 I was sat in a hospital room and heard the words that we all dread.  "I'm afraid its breast cancer", I didn't hear much after that other than my world crashing around me.  The thing is when we are broken we can rebuild, its not always easy and the pieces can be heavy and misshaped and we may need more cement than before.  I used crystals and sound therapy to help ease my situation and boy did they help.  During my time away from my clients I studied to teach so I can share my knowledge and experience of life after cancer and the coping strategies that helped me through.


I returned to work June 2016 now and I have to say, I am grateful for each day and really enjoy being able to share my treatments with people.


I've really enjoyed writing this little piece and I hope you have enjoyed reading it.














profile picture of Sarah in 2016.
3 hot air balloons with hazy blurred green and red background with  gratitude turns obstacles into opportunities affirmation

2016                                       2024

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