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Sound Therapy

the lotus flower sound therapy

The lotus flower Cornwall sound therapy

Everything on this planet and universe has a vibration, the earth's frequency is measured by the Schuman resonance which is 7.83 Hz.  Every cell and molecule has a vibration.


When our vibration is low, we say "I'm feeling a bit low today"  The cause of a low vibration can be many things, stress and things getting on top of us, environmental stress, work or family stress.  When we become low our immune system becomes compromised and we are more prone to illness. Changing our vibration can be as simple as breathing properly and this tends to happen we allow ourselves time to rest and repair.  Sound therapy has a very direct way of allowing us to raise our vibration and ignites a deep resonance within us that allows connection

with our inner selves and our world around us.  


For a sound therapy treatment, I use tuning forks, Koshi chimes and singing bowls. 

For a sound bath, I incorporate, tongue drums, crystal singing bowls and pipes. 

Although these can be incorporated into a sound treatment with prior arrangement.


For a Solfeggio Treatment, all nine healing tones are used, click the link to find more about these beautiful sacred sounds.


For a Chakra balance treatment, all sevens chakra forks are used. Follow the link to find out more about the chakra system.


The experience of a sound treatment is different for each person.  In the main, it allows a stillness and you drop in to neutral, when we are in this zone we are able to let go of behaviours and thought patterns that no longer serve us, coupled with the chakra balance and improved auric circulation,  the treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and rebalanced. 









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