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Solfeggio Healing Tones and Tuning Forks

Solfeggio in sound healing, the three missing frequencies, Genesis & Shekinah.


From my own experience, these frequencies have allowed me to face some of my most difficult life challenges, allowing the release of thoughts and behaviours that clouded my path.  Being bathed in these gentle frequencies keeps you safe and allows barriers to break down letting through light and clarity, leaving you rested, restored and rejuvenated.  The Solfeggio works on a much deeper level then I have ever experienced with any other mediation tool.   For me it is a journey, the sounds start with clearing old physical and emotional wounds and as we progress through the scale we are united with the universe allowing illumination and guidance to penetrate our very being.


These beautiful frequencies are now being rediscovered and being practiced once again aligning mind and spirit, allowing us to heal in such a gentle manner, the healing of painful emotional or physical wounds will fade, and when we let go it allows space for positive movement to enter our lives and move us closer to fulfilling our Dharma or life purpose, in such a way that works only for you and nobody else.


A tuning fork treatment incorporates the nine Solfeggio healing tones, so you can also experience the delights of these magical frequencies.


174Hz – Missing frequency.  Reduces pain this can be physical, emotional, spiritual or ancestral.


285Hz – Missing frequency.  Helps your body to restore and repair, healing wounds on all levels.  


The 174 Hz and the 285 Hz are the first steps to taking back your control and understanding of yourself.  Absorbing these frequencies allows reduction of wounds and pain that stops the mind-body connection and we need this connection to truly identify with ourselves on many levels, physical to spiritual.  Wounds and pain, especially at this level, can be ancestral, acquired, karmic, planetary or past life and need to be released in order to move forward or become ‘unstuck out of the rut’.


Ut – 396 Hz.  Liberating guilt and fear.  The main obstacle that keeps us from attaining our true goal is fear, the one emotion that stops us from moving forward, keeping us in behaviours that no longer serve us and may even be harmful.  Using this frequency releases the quilt and fear, giving us the strength to understand ourselves, allowing us to realise and fulfil our dreams and true potential.


Re – 417 Hz. Undoing situations and facilitating change.  This frequency is the next step forward from liberating guilt and fear.  Once we have released the emotions of liberating guilt and fear we understand how to undo situations and facilitate change in our lives.  This frequency will allow that to happen and help release and transmute situations that no longer serve you and the beauty of this is, that you don't even have to know what these situations are, it just something you can release as part of moving forward.


MI - 528 Hz.  Universal Love, transformation and miracles.  When using this frequency you may feel a renewed energy, especially when the previous frequencies have been absorbed. This frequency will allow situations to occur that you may feel as coincidence but are in fact universal synchronicities.  You may feel that you are part of the universal matrix on all levels and that past wounds and trauma are now starting to heal and you are able to take the first steps of your destined path. You will also start to experience the aspect or renewal of self-love and respect and when this miracle happens we start to reconnect on so many levels.


FA – 639 Hz. Reconnecting and balancing relationships.  Using this frequency will help heal relationships and enhance your already beautiful relationships. It is a caring nurturing frequency that creates bridges for our innermost feelings that we sometimes are unable to express.  It also connects us with our higher understanding of our place in the universe as we begin to understand the bigger picture of the self-love and how we are all connected through the web of love, peace and healing.


SOL – 741Hz.  Expression and solutions.  Using this frequency can help release the toxic elements of your life, which could be food, people or other addictions that may stand in your way.  Once we understand self-love and reconnected with relationships, we can begin to understand what or who we need in our lives, using this frequency will allow this freedom for you to discover and incorporate it into your life, with newfound love and understanding for you and the people around you.  When we clean out the cupboard we allow an opening for brighter and new things to enter, this frequency clears the aura and works at a cellular level allowing us to express clearly what our intentions are.  When we set our intentions the universe is clear to deliver your request straight back to you.  


LA – 852 Hz. Awakening intuition.  Intuition is sometimes known as the six sense, the sense of knowing that if something is right or wrong.  It allows a deeper sense of communication and knowing especially when it comes to allowing people your situations in your life.  The finite tuning of this sense will serve you well in every situation in life, listening to your intuition is one of the greatest gifts that will serve you well.  


SI 963 Hz. – Missing frequency.   This frequency will allow further openings to universal connection and allow a deeper understanding and spiritual growth; you will sense a deeper appreciation of situations that occur in your life, especially life challenges. It will help change your perception and when this happens growth occurs and insights start to guide you in a way that you never realised.


1074 Hz This frequency connects us to the inner silence that comes from meditation; this is a time when you can ask yourself anything because only you have the answer, it takes you deeper into the six sense and connects you to the higher spiritual planes. Listening to your inner guidance will allow you to fulfil your Dharma.


1185 Hz This frequency is connected to Shekinah which takes us to the knowledge of our past lives and will enable us to use this retained information and tools to enhance our progress in this life.  Shekinah is the female element of the divine spirit and gives us guidance when we feel lost in the wilderness. This frequency gives us our true connection with God or pure universal energy which allows downloads of information that provide healing and growth, this frequency is connected to Kabbalah and has a richness that can only come from working with the tree of life.  


Genesis 531 Hz Although this fork is not connected directly with Solfeggio in numerology it reduces to the number nine, which is the number contained in the Solfeggio and a sacred number of completeness.  I have found that this frequency works well with the idea of Earth and creation.  It creates a spark that comes from the vessel (Shekinah).  When God created the world from the vessel he created Spirit – air, water and fire and from these elements the Earth was formed and all of creation came from the Earth.


I have combined my knowledge of Kabbalah, and experience of sound practice to work with the Shekinah and Genesis frequencies and how we can combine the tree of life with the chakra system.  I am currently writing a blog on this subject which hopefully will be available soon.



Resources material

The healing code of the biological apocalypse.  Dr Leonard G. Horowitz and Dr. Joseph E. Barber

Dr John Beaulieu.  Sound Healing with Tuning Forks


Solfeggio Frequency, History & Treatments.


The history of Solfeggio stretches way back, at least to the Old Testament and the Torah. The Torah is the first five books of the Old Testament.   The tones were given to Moses at Mount Sinai to heal the masses, aligning body and soul so that we, man and women would become closer to God and return to the Garden of Eden or paradise.  However for this to happen we first had to listen and absorb these magical and restorative frequencies, but over time the Solfeggio scale was altered and the 152 Gregorian chants that incorporated the original Solfeggio scale have been ‘lost’.


The hidden codes of the Solfeggio frequencies were rediscovered by Joseph Puleo, through perseverance, guidance and a divine source which lead ‘Joey’ eventually to the King James Bible, the book of numbers, chapter 7 verses 12 to 83 where he discovered a repetition of sentences within the verses.  When unlocked it gave Joey a repeating sequence of 3, 6 and 9. The discovery of the code used the Pythagorean mathematical system of reducing numbers to a single digit.     The book that was later written was the healing codes of the biological apocalypse, authors Dr Len Horowitz and Joseph Barber; Joseph Barber was his pen name of Joseph Puleo.  


Once the original six frequencies were discovered, the same mathematical method was used to find the missing 3 Solfeggio frequencies.  This same method was used to find the Shekinah frequency and I have also added Genesis to the list because in its single figure it represents 9.  


Again through the perseverance of ‘Joey’ he discovered the Solfeggio scale was incorporated into the Gregorian chants particularly the Hymn to St John the Baptist or UT queant laxis which is now re-emerging having been lost for many years and surrounded by many theories has to why  it was given to the church and subsequently disappeared from the masses.   You can listen to the hymn on U.Tube.


The original hymn was written by Paul the Deacon in the 8th century AD and sung with the Solfeggio scale in Latin.   The Solfeggio was later changed in the 11th Century by Guido Arezzo from Ut to Do and Le Marie, a French musician in the 17th Century added Si.   Later again it was changed to Ti.


The hymn translates to

“So that your servants may sing with clear voices the wonders of your deeds and wash the guilt from their stained lips.”


Dr John Beaulieu’s translation which I feel fits beautifully with our new-found knowledge and our journey towards spiritual growth and the Aquarian age of ascension.


“So that we, the servants of the divine, may sing with the tuned voices and bring ourselves resonance with the wonders of the vibrational universe.



We are all familiar with the Do, Re, Mi scale from the sound of music, but when you compare this to the original Solfeggio scale the new modified scale leaves us disenchanted and disconnected from the divine source of the healing.   When you listen to music or sound frequencies of the Solfeggio it resonates with every molecule and cell within us, just has it been intended.



                     The Orginal Solfeggio Scale  


                     UT queant laxis     396 Hz Liberating guilt & fear

                     RE sonare fibris     417 Hz Undoing situations & facilitating change

                     Mi ra gestorum     528 Hz Universal Love, transformation & miracles                                                      

                     FA muli tuorum     639 Hz Reconnecting & balancing relationships

                     SOL ve Polluti        714 Hz Expression & solutions

                     LA biireatum          852 Hz Awakening intuition


                    The new modified Scale

                    Do - Re - Mi - Fa- Sol- La - Ti - Do





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