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Your Cancer Touch Therapy Treatment

Cancer massage

After we have confirmed your Cancer Touch Therapy appointment, I will email or post a form just confirming your name and address and a few details about your cancer journey.  Chances are we would have chatted at the time of your appointment, but it is always nice to get the paperwork done beforehand so that we have more time on the day of your treatment.


On your arrival, we will just confirm a few details and just see how you are feeling.  The very nature of the treatment allows us to make all the necessary changes to the treatment to ensure you are comfortable.  It may be that you have had a mastectomy and reconstruction and find it difficult to lie on your front but would like the  Catch the Breath back treatment

supporting you with a v pillow may allow that comfort and ease.


We will confirm the products we are using and do a little sniff test, just to ensure you are comfortable with the aroma.  All made for life products are gentle in their aroma and by no means overpowering.  


Once you are comfortable on the couch we will continue with your chosen treatment, if at any time during the treatment you start to feel uncomfortable we can change the positioning or adapt the treatment.  If we have to turn over and lie on your back we can continue with the arms or legs with the soothe and smooth leg and foot balm or soft touch intensive hand balm and gentle cancer touch techniques or nourishing facial for example. 


After your treatment, you will have an opportunity to have a drink and a little rest.  

Before you leave I will give you your aftercare leaflet.





A moment of peace from the moments of chaos.

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