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Crystals and Chemo

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

I originally wrote this blog about four years ago. I remember the feeling that I wanted to try and do something for myself, try and bring back some control with my health.

It is amazing how something as gentle as crystal therapy can bring a sense of calm and clarity in a world that can be only described as chaos.

I have since been able to help clients in my private practice, who are going through a similar ordeal. Using my own knowledge and experience, allowing a supported environment and for a short time shut away the chaos, allow a stillness, calm and when we are able to achieve this we can find clarity, purpose and even direction.

My Original Post

Recently I've been concentrating on recovery from physical issues, such as chemotherapy. This is something that is close to me and wanted to use alternative therapy to counterbalance the brutality of chemo. I hear you cry, why would someone that practices holistic therapy have chemo. Good question and one I have pondered, and soul searched even. When something as brutal as the C word comes along and takes a grip, we need to counterbalance; because the cancer is so brutal it needs an equal measure of weight to counterbalance to bring us back to equilibrium, hence Chemo. Once in the throes of chemo we can then use our beloved holistic therapies to counterbalance its effects.

The Crystals detailed below I have been using and brings back a sense of control with health issues, brings peace and inner calm. It energises and rejuvenates on so many levels, especially the mind and the emotions, reducing the worry factor and bringing about a sense of stability and courage.

Crystals can also work on a physical level such as cleansing the liver and helping reduce muscle stiffness and nausea.

I would say that everybody's journey is different, please only use alternative therapies alongside the prescribed treatment of your consultant or oncologist and if you are unsure, always chat to them and qualified therapist before undertaking alternative treatments.


The Liver and Belly Crystal. The crystal of Sunshine.

Citrine works with all the soft organs, liver, spleen gall bladder and digestive system.

Relieves the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

The crystal of a newborn child, bringing health, wealth and happiness.

Also excellent for the adult inner child.

Use when trying to work with figures.

Relieves worry, guilt and fear.

Crystal for mindfulness.

Releases past trauma at a very deep level.

Balances excess behaviour, food, alcohol, smoking, exercise and WORK.

the many colours of Citrine


Encourages a good sleep pattern.

Promotes cardio health.

Relieves the symptoms of:

IBS, Constipation and other intestine/bowel discomfort.

Nausea and sickness.

Dizziness especially caused by ear disturbance.

Works especially well with sound therapy and tuning forks.

Used for the Heart Chakra.


Muggle Stone or Tigers Iron.

A crystal for the school holidays but also for recovery from illness.

Production of red blood cells and efficient oxygenation.

Reduces fatigue

Cleanses the Liver

Decreases nervous energy

Increased stamina

Promotes courage and clarity of thought

And reduces the need to punch someone when driving.

Apart from its amazing physical qualities this is a stone of strength and courage. Gives us energy and a good sense of perception.

Moss Agate. Crystal of new beginnings and reduces money out goings.

Boosts the immune system

Improves bone marrow

Recovery from illness

Balance heartbeat irregularities


Releasing old fears allowing new growth

Keep with money and bank statements to reverse money outgoings.

There are so many beautiful crystals that can be used when going through such a difficult time. I have kept this article to just four, covering some of the main issues when going through chemo.

These four crystals, can be worked with individually or as a grid, placing on or around the body. There isn't a prescribed method for using crystals and I would encourage anyone to use their instincts. If inspiration is lacking, perhaps the muggle stone on your belly with the citrine by your left side on the floor and the moss agate on your heart centre and the Dioptase by your right side. Lay within your crystal grid for as long as you feel comfortable, this can be as little as ten minutes, don't be tempted to overdo it, again go with your instinct. You will know when to leave the grid. Afterwards sit quietly, use the Gyan Mudra, your index finger touching your thumb. The index finger represents the planet Jupiter for inner knowledge and your thumb, planet earth and the ego. This Mudra will help ground and centre you and bring about a sense of balance. This Mudra stimulates the base chakra and third eye. When you have finished thank the crystal devas and the universe for your healing.

Enjoy your crystals but again please do not use alternative therapy in the place of medical treatments or advice. We are to complement not replace.


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Sarah Trudgian
Sarah Trudgian
24 nov 2019

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