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Medicinal Mushroom Latte

I’ve just shared a post on face book about the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, realising that I having been using MM for around four years. I was first introduced to MM at Excalibur’s Glastonbury, a little healing trip when I was between chemo and radiotherapy. I ordered the MM latte and Mark a coffee (Excalibur’s is a vegan cafe, Mark is a pie and chips can see where this is going, hence Mark was introduced to the concept of oat milk). Now I am neither vegan or vegetarian but this recipe is based on vegan ingredients but easily replaced with your favourite choices.

Medicinal mushrooms are very expensive, you will have a sharp intake of breath, so I have my latte’s when I am under the weather or stressed, so a jar will last me about six months. I use hybrid herbs and a jar with postage is around £45.00.

It is believed that pine pollen also has some amazing health benefits, may be worth a google if you are interested. Again very expensive, but it will last ages around £25.00

My recipe for Medicinal Mushroom Latte.


Small cup of coffee about 200 mls.

Almond/Almond and Vanilla, Oat or cows milk.

1 tablespoon cacao or cacao, bee bollen and maca powder or something similar.

1 teaspoon medicinal mushrooms

1 teaspoon pine pollen

A splash of vanilla bean or teaspoon of honey. If you are pushing the boat out manuka.

Make A small coffee, either in your caffetterie, instant coffe or coffee machine. Coffee is not necessary as you can make this as a milky drink. Just increase your milk to 450 mls.

In a pan warm your milk, do not boil or if you have a frothy milk maker, forth up your milk.

Put your dry ingredients into your serving cup and stir in a little warm milk to make a paste just as if you were making hot chocolate.

continue to warm the milk and add coffee and continue to heat to your desired temperature.

Slowly pour into your serving cup stirring with a small whisk incorporating the paste into the warm milk.

Serve with cinnamon, chocolate or vanilla sprinkles.

This recipe is versatile and you can add your own favourite choices, I have experimented with different ”superfood“ powders and milk. Almond and Vanilla Milk, Cacao, bee pollen and maca powder are my favourite. Cacao is a little bitter compared with normal chocolate so I would definitely have a sweetener such as honey or vanilla.

This is my own home recipe, as I am not a nutritionist or doctor come to that I can not make any claims to the health benefits of the listed ingredients but there is a lot of information on google about pine pollen, cacao, medicinal mushrooms etc and I would encourage you read any articles and make up your own mind about the health benefits. As always this does not replace medical advice and if you have any concerns with your health please visit your health care professional.

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